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July 20, 2011

The animal rights movement in Spain is experiencing one of its toughest moments, twelve people are on bail due to their work defending animals and three of them have spent more than 20 days in prison. This is all part of a process to criminalise the movement, that’s why now is an important moment to make clear that our activism is necessary and legitimate.

Protests on Saturday 23 July

On Saturday 23 July we are organising an International day of protest against the repression in Spain.

If you want to take part in this day of action please take into account the following:

1) Please organise your protest to start at 12 am

2) Please organise your protest somewhere in your city that is very well-known

2) Dress in black and use the materials you will find linked below from the campaign

3) Cover your mouth with the following sticker (link below)

Other days of action:

From Friday 22 until Sunday 24 July, there are also international protests, events and rallies being organised to be carried out in defense of the animal rights movement and against repression in Spain. It is important to focus on 23 July as it is the main day, although 22 and 24 can be used as international days too. Support this important day by coming to the demonstration held in your town!

For more information about the different events being carried out in your city email:

To download the material for the Anti-Repression Campaign: 




If you are able to translate the any of the material into your language please write to us. We will be able to adapt the design so other countries can downloaded.

WEB (temporary):



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