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Olaia, Eneko and Eladio released!

July 14, 2011

On the 13 July, the appeal presented at the Provincial Court was accepted.
The three animal rights activists, Olaia, Eneko and Eladio, therefore have
been released.

On the morning of 22 June, 2011, law enforcement and state security entered the homes of 12 activists in different parts of Spanish territory (Madrid, Asturias, Euskadi and Galicia). Many of the detained activists have positions
of responsibility in the organizations Equanimal and Animal Equality. Others have actively collaborated in the past in such organisations defending animals.

We want to thank everyone who has been campaigning and supporting in one way or another, these activists who remained unjustly deprived of their freedom.

However, and despite the joy of the news, we must remain united with the same strength and intensity that arose from the arrests. All the activists arrested on the morning of 22 June, remain free but with charges and a trial that may have implications not only for themselves, but also for other activists who may be associated to the organizations. The police investigation is ongoing.

The mass media has criminalised a peaceful movement, ignoring our point of view, manipulating, sensationalising and misinforming the public.

For these reasons, a press conference based on the “United Against Repression Campaign” has been presented in Santiago de Compostela and Madrid, and seeks to:

1. Demand the release of unjustly imprisoned people (which has now been successful)

2. Close the investigation

3. Demand that the judge take into account the presumption of innocence, and offer a public statement of the facts

4. Claim the legitimacy of our activism in defense of animals

All campaign information is available on our website, launched today:

For more information contact the spokesmen of the campaign:

Javier Moreno, phone (+34) 691 054 172
Oscar Horta, phone (+34) 600 427 239

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