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What you can do to support the 12 animal activists persecuted in Spain

July 4, 2011

We will shortly announce details of the international campaign currently being set up by the organisations Equanimal and Animal Equality  to support the 12 activists in Spain who have been unjustly accused of offences they have not committed, as a result of their extensive investigations into the Spanish fur industry.

Background information on the case: here


There are many things that you can do as an individual to support these activists.

It is of vital importance that the support for these dedicated people- who either work for or have worked with Equanimal and Animal Equality – is global, with the aim that Olaia Feiría, Eneko Pérez and Eladio Ferreria, are released from prison as a matter of urgency, and the additional aim that the rest of the activists, who have been charged and released on bail, are not sent to prison. It is also essential that the international community learns of the repression that the animal rights movement is currently facing worldwide.

In spite of the fact that both organisations have had nearly all their office equipment seized, we are working intensely so that next week the new campaign website is up and running: This website will contain all the information on the international campaign, a list of events that you can organise, official campaign material to download (posters, leaflets etc.) to use in demos and other events, and guidelines on how to organise events effectively and simply, so that the maximum number of people join the campaign and support the activists.

In the meantime, please read the following suggestions of events that you can organise in support:


1- If you live in Spain, you can join the different activities and initiatives that are taking place daily in Vigo, Santiago, Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Seville and Bilbao.

2 – If you live outside Spain, look for events organised in your city on facebook or on our support blog The event listings will soon be moved to our new site Over 22 countries have already held demonstrations in support of the activists with more to follow.

3 – If there are no demonstrations or other events where you live, you could organise your own. Next week our new campaign website will be up and running: This website will contain official campaign material to download (posters, leaflets etc.) to use in demos and other events. Once you have found others to organise an event with, please let us know your plans at

4 – Organise benefit events to help raise funds for our legal defence and the enormous costs we are facing, including replacing our computers, cameras, phones and other office equipment seized by police. Suggestions include concerts, bake-sales, second-hand sales, sponsored events and any other legal activity you can think up to help raise money.

5 – Encourage other organisations and associations to join our campaign, and to release our press statement [] in solidarity. Write to them and include the following link:

6 – Encourage important personalities to join our campaign, and ask them to get in contact with us via We need personalities such as artists, philosophers, lawyers, scientists, journalists, politicians etcetera to show their support for the campaign and their solidarity in the face of this repression – whose aim is to disrupt the work of activists who campaign peacefully for animal rights.

7 – Make an donation to help us meet the costs of lawyers’ fees and the campaign. Every amount counts.

Bank account details:

Banco Santander 0049 1759 58 2990022193 / IBAN ES530049175958299002219

Or via PayPal: here

Share the news of the repression of the activists in Spain with your social network contacts, friends, family, co-workers and encourage them to join the campaign.

For more information:

SUPPORT US! We need your help NOW more than ever.

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  1. Thone Kirknes permalink
    July 5, 2011 11:14 am

    The animalactevists do not belong in jail!
    We have to think different in year 2011!They are trying to make people understand and see how the viceless animals are suffering.That is not a crime!

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