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Many supporters for the first call of the International day of the activists arrested

June 24, 2011

After little more than 24 hours since the arrest of the twelve Spanish activists who are currently still being held in detention, support and solidarity from hundreds of people has been flooding in from across the world.

Simultaneous protests in different cities in Spain such as Madrid, Barcelona, Vizcaya, Sevilla and Granada have already taken place, showing the depth of support for the unjustly arrested activists. After calling for an International day of protests outside Spanish Embassies across the world tomorrow, we have been overwhelmed with all the people and cities who want to participate. We do not have enough words to express our gratitude and we will not stop working to achieve respect for non-human animals in our society, in fact this will only make us stronger, as the injustice for animals still continues. Freedom for the activist arrested!

The following is a list of all the protests which will be held tomorrow and in the next few days. Show your solidarity with the detained activists!

•Vienna: h11:00 demo at the Spanish Embassy, Argentinierstr. 34: Info

•Mendoza, •Rosario and •Mar de Plata: info

•Brussels: Wednesday 29 June at 2pm demo at the Spanish Embassy, Wetenschapsstraat 19 / 19, rue de la Science, 1040, info: Tim – 0032 493/64.93.15, in collaboration with

•Ottawa: h12:00 – h13:00 demo at the Spanish Embassy, 74 Stanley Ave

•Toronto: h14:00 – h16:00 demo at the spanish Embassy, 2 Bloor St. East: info

•Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: demo expected on the 25 june h19:00 – h22:00, Plaza Rafael Lozana s/n (Frente a la Delegación del Gobierno):

•Santiago de Chile: info

•Zagreb: h14:00 – 15:00 demo at the Spanish Embassy, Tuškanac 21 A: info

•Bogotá: on 25 june h11:00 – h14:00 demo at the Spanish Embassy, Calle 92, n.º 12-68: info

•Praga: h15:30 – h17:00 demo at the Spanish Embassy, Badeniho 401/4, 170 00: info

•Berlin: h12:00 demo at the Spanish Embassy, Schöneberger Ufer 89, 6.º: info

•Hamburg: h11:00 demo at the Spanish Consulate, Mittelweg, 37: info

•Munich: h9:00 – h13.00 demo at the Spanish Consulate, Oberföhringer Straße 45: info

•Stuttgart: h14:30 – h15:30 demo at Spanish General consulate, Lenzhalde 61 – 70192, Protest march until the Schloßplatz (Castle’s square, city center) Demonstration on the Schloßplatz from approximately 4:15 pm to 7:00 pm,
leafleting: info

•Athens: h12.00 demo at Spanish Embassy, Dionisiou Areopagitou, 21

•Amsterdam: demo at Spanish Embassy, Frederiksplein, 34

•La Haya: demo at Spanish Embassy, Lange Voorhout, 50

•Tel Aviv: h12.30 in front of the Spanish Embassy, «The Tower», Rehov Daniel Frish, 3. 18.º: info

•Milano: h15:30 – h18:00 demo expected on 25 june, in the city center, Piazza Mercanti: info

•Roma: h17:00 – h20:00 demo expected on 25 june, in the city center, Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere: info

•Polanco: h10:00 – h14:00 demo at the Spanish Embassy, Galileo, 114 (esq. Horacio): info

•Auckland: h16:30 – h17:00 demo at the Consulate of Spain, Office Suite 1, The Arcade, 13 Victoria Road, Devonport: info

•San Isidro: h19:00 – h21:00 demo at the Spanish Embassy,Av. Jorge Basadre, 498 (altura cuadra 5 de Javier Prado)

•Gdańsk Wrzeszcz: h15:00 – h16:00 demo at the Spanish Embassy, w Gdańsku ul. Podleśna 27: info

•London: h12:30 – h14:00 demo at the Spanish Embassy, 39, Chesham Place: info

•Portland: this city does not have a Spanish consulate, The Portland animal defense league will be showing solidarity through a day of calls and emails to all other consulates and the embassy.
We will also be meeting at the vegan minimall (1217 SE Stark) at 12:00pm
to do a day of outreach and education about the Spanish 12. Join us if
you can. info

•San Francisco: h12:00 – h15:00 demo at Spanish Embassy, 1405 Sutter St.: info

•Washington (1): h18:00 – h19:30 Corner of Pacific Highway S & S 320th Street Pacific Highway S and S 320th Street Federal Way: info

•Washington (2): Farm USA: Friday June 24th @ 12 noon- 1 pm.
The Embassy of Spain (2375 Pennsylvania Ave NW)
Closest Metro: Foggy Bottom-GWU Station (Orange/Blue Lines)
RSVP: or call 301-530-1737 or on the day of 202-577-5527
more info

•Caracas: h14:00 – h15:00 demo at th

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  1. silvia permalink
    June 25, 2011 9:12 am

    Voglio anch’io gridare la mia solidarietà agli attivisti spagnoli in carcere per aver dimostrato una gran rispetto per i cari animali. Rispetto che stanno pagando sulla propria pelle!

    Grazie ragazzi, e….
    SPAGNA VERGOGNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Silvia Bioli


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