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The 12 spanish animal rights activists objected to the Judge involved in their case because his father owned a fur farm

December 21, 2011

At a press conference held yesterday, Tuesday 20th December 2011, in Santiago de Compostela (Spain), the animal rights activists arrested on 22nd June objected to the Judge, Vazquez Tain, involved in their case. One of the reasons was because of the Judge’s vested interest in the fur farming industry.

This case began on 22nd June with the house searches and arrests of the activists involved in Animal Equality and Equanimal in Madrid, Asturias, Biscay and Galicia. Since then, the accused are being held on charges of crimes against the environment, public disorder, disclosure of secrets and conspiracy. The case has become an international scandal – mobilising hundreds of people in over 25 countries who have demonstrated together in solidarity with the accused. Read more…

Moby “United Against Repression”

July 30, 2011

“Of course, I will be more than happy to sign. Keep up the good work”

This was Moby’s answer to the animal right activists from the Anti-repression Campaign in Spain who were at the musician’s book signing in Madrid yesterday. Information about the campaign and from both organisations, Animal Equality and Equanimal, were given to him.

Moby who explains that: “Animals are sentient creatures with their own wills, and it seems wrong to force our will onto another creature just because we’re able to.” Expressed solidarity with the animal rights movement and signed the petition asking for acquittal on all charges for the activists.

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Material of the campaign in German, Italian and French Languages

July 29, 2011

If you need the material of the campaign United Against Repression | Help Animal Rights Prisoners in Spain in German, French and Italian languages, now it is available at these links:




A song in support with the AR Activists from Spain

July 24, 2011

Buits crew from Germany have dedicated a song in support with the Animal Rights Activists from Spain.

Thanks for the support!

The Spanish12 blog for the Russian and Czech speakers

July 24, 2011

Supporters from Russia and Czech Republic have translated the blog about the case of the Animal Rights activists arrested in Spain the last 22 June.

If you are a Russian or Czech speaker, please read and share it!




July 21, 2011

The animal rights movement in Spain is facing one of its most difficult periods and this SATURDAY 23 JULY we need your help to show the media and society the strength of GLOBAL SUPPORT. Two of the largest organisations in Spain, Equanimal and Animal Equality, are being targeted by the state in retaliation for their powerful undercover investigations that have woken up the Spanish public to the shocking reality of farms, slaughterhouses, bullfights, laboratories and other areas where animals are routinely abused and killed.

Twelve activists – the heads and spokespersons of the above groups – have been arrested and charged with a list of offences from the mass release of minks to arson in bullrings, which the activists deny having any part in. Nevertheless they could be facing years in prison. The police and judge in the case are now facing legal proceedings from the groups in response to a number of incidents signalling that this case is a set-up and a farce.

More info on the legal proceedings against the police and judge: here


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Now it’s our turn: we have launched legal proceedings against the Guardia Civil and are lodging an objection to Judge Taín.

July 21, 2011

Over the last few weeks, the animal rights movement in Spain has been the victim of an attack to try and discredit and criminalise the movement. We have not sat back however, and have now taken action. We have been in meetings with our lawyers, and can now give the following news:

Now it is our turn. We are announcing that we are going to instigate legal proceedings against the Guardia Civil for libel and for revealing facts about the investigation to the press whilst under a gag order. Likewise we are going to make a formal objection to the judge in the case, Jose Antonia Vazquez Tain, for his bias and lack of independence in the case.

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Update: English video on the release of the 3 activists being held in prison in Spain

July 21, 2011


July 20, 2011

The animal rights movement in Spain is experiencing one of its toughest moments, twelve people are on bail due to their work defending animals and three of them have spent more than 20 days in prison. This is all part of a process to criminalise the movement, that’s why now is an important moment to make clear that our activism is necessary and legitimate.

Protests on Saturday 23 July

On Saturday 23 July we are organising an International day of protest against the repression in Spain.

If you want to take part in this day of action please take into account the following:

1) Please organise your protest to start at 12 am

2) Please organise your protest somewhere in your city that is very well-known

2) Dress in black and use the materials you will find linked below from the campaign

3) Cover your mouth with the following sticker (link below)

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July 19, 2011

If you represent an organisation or association, below you’ll find a list of all the things that you can do to support the twelve activists who now or in the past have worked for the organisations Equanimal and Igualdad Animal, and who are now being unjustly charged with offences in a case that clearly attacks the defence of animal rights.

It is fundamental to bear in mind that this case is not, by any means, something that only affects those activists who have been charged, or the organisations that they work for. In contrast, it is a process which represents a grave threat to the whole animal rights movement.

Firstly, this case intends to criminalise an entire form of activism, which includes any type of non-violent civil disobedience or direct action, the carrying out of undercover investigations, open rescues of animals, and so on.

And secondly, because it de-legitimises animal rights defenders and presents us to society as criminals, violent people, extremists, or worse. It is an attack, therefore, on the freedom of speech and protests by our movement, whose consequences could be very grave indeed, even more so when the base of the accusations is absurd.

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